about us

Established in 2016, SummitForVets was built to get our veterans outside and experience this awesome world that they fought for.  We are currently summiting the highest point in each state to raise awarenes for veterans and disabled veterans.  Showing them that there is more to life than living behind a closed door. 

3 of 50 summits.

upcoming Events

Here are our upcoming excursions. Sign up early.  Space is limited. 

Summiting Alabama - 10/15
Come campout and summit Mt. Cheaha. Support this great cause brought to you by SummitForVets. This non-profit organization is raising awareness for disabled Veterans. Please come out and show your support. These events are ran by donations and volunteers, please keep that in mind. We hope to see you there for this awesome event. Let's have a huge showing and let all the Veterans of Alabama know we are there for them!!!.

Summiting Texas - 11/11 (Veteran's Day)

Come join us on Veteran's Day on the summit of the largest state in the lower 48! This is a very technical climb so be prepared or come support us as we tackle Guadalupe Peak, elevation of 8,751 feet.



At SummitForVets, we specialize in getting veterans and disabled veterans to connect on a higher level through outdoor recreation therapy. From mountain climbing, repelling, camping and fishing; you name it, if it's outdoors then there's a way to make someone's life better especially a veteran.  We will also work with families of service members to bring them closer together through expedition type adventures and team building exercises in the great outdoors.